Waist Trainers Are The New It Thing

Waist Trainers Are The New It ThingWaist trainers are the new it thing, they are taking over…actually they are taking over young women all around the planet! Does anyone remember the corset trend in the early 20th century? Women used to wear super tight corsets in order to gain the perfect shape in their fancy dresses. The corsets were so tight that women wearing one would faint at a moments notice because their lungs were being squashed. Crazy or what?

Its so true that trends always come back into style and the waist trainer is no exception to the rule. The only difference is that they are being worn in a different way. Instead of being worn under dresses they’re being worn under cute work out gear. If your not sure what a waist trainer does for your waist you must be living under a rock somewhere in the deserts of the Sudan!

A waist trainer is “supposed” to cinch in your waist over time as you work out. I don’t believe it really keeps your belly flat forever. I feel like it just sucks it in for the time period your wearing it and once you take it off your fat belly comes back lol. I mean what do I know right…I’ve never even worn one…but every “normal” person I do see wearing one is not getting any skinnier.

I say “normal” because you do see celebrities like the Kardashian’s showing of their waist trainers on Instagram and then a few days letter you see a photo of their smoking hot bod. Who do they think they are fooling…we all know you didn’t get that super flat tummy with a waist trainer. I mean hello…they are millionaires…they have access to the latest beauty treatments and surgeons.

Celebrities give us normal girls hope that if we buy something they have or use we’re going to look like them…but not really. No matter what normal girls do they will most likely never look like Kim Kardashian. Its crazy how influenced we get by everything we see in social media. Even my little cousin wanted to buy one so she could get a smaller stomach (she’s not that young…she’s 21).

I was like girl you don’t need that thing…your so young…live your life. I love Instagram but if you look at people’s profiles all day you start to compare your own life to those people and then you start feeling sucky. The point is enjoy the waist trainer trend but don’t go crazy with it…it’s ok not to be perfect…remember trends do come and go!

How do you feel about the waist trainer trend? Do you own a waist trainer? Do you think it’s another product that’s trying to get women to create an unhealthy version of themselves?

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