Track Pants Are Here To Stay

Track Pants Are Here To Stay I really hope that track pants are here to stay because I love wearing something so comfortable that I’ve been wearing for years but is now seen as a fashion statement. I mean, who would have thought that track pants would be trendy…ha ha… designers must be getting really lazy.

It’s so true when people say everything becomes fashion at one point or another and every fashion comes back into style at one point or another. Either way, even if they are not seen as cool one day I’m still going to wear the hell out of them because they are damn comfortable!

I also think seeing my favorite celebrities in track pants makes them seem more down to earth… key word “seem”. They actually look like normal human beings (Ok, someone what normal). I mean, only Kim Kardashian would wear a lace bodysuit under her track pants… ah come on!Track Pants Are Here To Stay Whelp, since track pants are so easy to get nowadays I bought the black pair you see above from Urban Outfitters. Yes, Urban Outfitters can be expensive, but sometimes you can catch a deal here and there… especially online. If you want to get the black track pants with side snaps in the photo above for just $39.99¬†visit Urban Outfitters online (shop quickly because I’m sure the sale won’t last forever)

The white track pants with front snaps can be found on Urban Outfitters website, just search track pants in the top right hand corner and you’ll find them along with other styles. The white track pants with side snaps are from an Australian online boutique called Meshki and they also have loads of other styles of track pants on their website. They ship worldwide which is awesome!

Hope this helped you to get your track pants shop on. Let me know below or on my social media if you got yourself a pair or you’ve been rocking them since forever ago like me.

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