Tomatoes Are Great For Your Skin

Tomatoes Are Great For Your SkinTomatoes are awesome fruits! Yes, believe it or not but tomatoes are actually classified as fruits, not vegetables and you can find them in some form in almost every meal you can think of. My favorite way to eat tomatoes is on a mushroom pizza with no cheese.

Did you know that eating lots of tomatoes in your diet is super beneficial for your skin?

Yep, Tomatoes are great for your skin! If you don’t like them then I think your missing out on something great.

Tomatoes contain a chemical called Lycopene which is what gives red fruits and vegetables their color and it is also an antioxidant; because of this many beauty products on the market contain it.

Tomatoes also protect your skin from ultra-violet radiation from the sun; which also means protection from skin cancer and other skin diseases caused by over exposure to radiation.

My husband definitely needs to eat loads of tomatoes before we go out in the sun because he gets burned so easily. I’m not going to lie; I’ll totally miss peeling the dead skin off of his shoulders, back and nose.

Think about all the harmful things that your skin takes in every day, especially when you live in a large city like I do. You have fumes from cars, trucks, the subway, cigarette smoke and loads of dirt being kicked up in the air.

You need every form protection you can get to keep your skin looking young. The antioxidants found in tomatoes will expel all the bad toxins from the air and fight off the free radicals that bombard your body and skin every day.

This is probably the easiest way to keep your skin looking young and healthy for as long as possible. All you have to do is eat loads of tomatoes; here are “40 Fresh Tomato Recipes” that you can try today!

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