The Loofah vs The Washcloth

The Loofah vs The WashclothThe fight of a lifetime…the Loofah vs the Washcloth. I’ve always wondered what’s better to use when I’m taking a shower a loofah or a washcloth. As a kid and a teenager I always used a washcloth because that’s what my mother bought. I mean its not like I had a choice, I didn’t have money to buy anything else. What my mother said went.

When I became an adult and got a job I was able to buy things for myself with my own money. I started using loofah’s in the shower because I’d always see a girl on tv in her tub pampering herself in slow motion with her loofah (lol…if like was really like that). I was going for the sexy girl in the shower look. I think that the loofah wins it in my book.

I do like using a loofah more because it gets more dead skin off my body than a washcloth. A washcloth is too gentle for me…its for babies and I’m no baby! When you live and work in a city that is full of dirt and smog you need something that’s a little rougher and will get all the crap off your body at the end of the day. Maybe if I lived in the suburbs it would be different…who knows

The one thing I can say is I don’t like a large  loofah…the best ones to use is a small loofah because it will dry a few hours after you use it in the shower. Why does that matter? If your loofah never dries after it’s used you’ll have bacteria building up on it and that’s not good for you skin. After you use your loofah you want to wash it with soap and hang it to dry.

If you do that with your loofah you’ll love it and never look at a washcloth again unless your using it on your newborn. What do you guys use in the shower? Tell me below in the comments.

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