Swimsuits That Will Hide Your Tummy This Summer

Swimsuits That Will Hide Your Tummy This Summer Swimsuits that will hide your tummy this summer so you can finally stop worrying about how you look and actually enjoy the weather and the water.

Summer is almost here girls (today already felt like summer in NYC…it was 88 degrees!) It’s the time of year us girls anticipate but hate at the same time. Why? It’s because we know we will probably have to visit a beach, a pool, or a lake somewhere in the world with friends or family.

So? This means we will have to squeeze ourselves into a swimsuit we cant stand and make sure that are legs and panty line are perfectly bald.

Most of us hate how we look in swimsuits anyway because we are worried about how our tummies look in them. For some reason we feel that we have to wear a 2 piece swimsuits ( I guess that comes from watching to many years of Victoria Secret Fashion Shows).

I know what your are going to say…”Well all I have to do is wear a beach cover up or sarong”. Are you going to wear that cover up in the water…nope…you will eventually have to take that cover up or sarong off to get into the water.

Believe it or not there are other styles of swimsuits that can hide your tummy this summer. They are called one piece swimsuits! No…one piece swimsuits are not just for grandma anymore they actually come in cute styles, prints, and colors.

Wearing one always makes your waists look much smaller because it is hidden. Wearing a one piece swimsuit that is black, has a print, or a bold design will hid that tummy even more!

We all know black slims the body and prints and bold designs attract attention away from your stomach and make you look smaller than you really are.

It’s like that t-shirt that has the body of a girl with a perfect bikini body…when the person is wearing one it almost looks like the girls body is theres. So what are you going to do as soon as you finish reading this?

I hope you will go out and buy a one piece bikini…and if you have wash board abs…we hate you…JK!

What kind of one piece swimsuit will you buy for the upcoming summer?

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