So Cosmo Makes You Want To Step Up Your Fashion At Work

So Cosmo Makes You Want To Step Up Your Fashion At WorkI don’t think I’ve ever been so eager about a show the way I’ve been so eager to watch So Cosmo every Wednesday night! The E show lets us fashion lovers go behind the scenes of Cosmopolitan magazine and see how much work it takes to publish an issue each month and keep Cosmopolitan the #1 women’s magazine.

The girls who work for Cosmopolitan are on “fleek” at all times! I mean really, who looks that good at work everyday? I can barely get out of bed every morning for my 9 to 5. I’m not sure they look that awesome because they have a camera around 24/7 or its just how they dress because they work in the fashion industry.

The Cosmopolitan girls really have made me feel guilty about throwing on anything when I go to work because who wants to be on “fleek” for a job they don’t really love? No one! I don’t look like a ragamuffin at work but I sure don’t go out of my way to look awesome every day but that’s going to change!

What I’ve learned from So Cosmo is that in the fashion industry or any industry you want to dress for the position you want to have someday. If you’re a Fashion Coordinator and you want to be an Executive Fashion Editor one day you have to dress like an Executive Fashion Editor right now. You always dress for the position you want and work hard to attain your goal.

From now on I plan on dressing for the position I want eventually and treat every day at work like its practice for a higher paying and more important position. Never do anything in life less than 100% even if you hate it. I hope this inspires you to dress for the position you want and to work hard like the So Cosmo girls!

To check out So Cosmo on E click here!

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