Should I Get A Tattoo?

Should I Get A Tattoo?There comes a time in every girls life when they have to ask them self life’s most important question…should I get a tattoo? LOL…what did you think the question was going to be?…What should I do with my life? Ha Ha…lets leave that question to a self help blog.

I think most girls have asked themselves “Should I get a tattoo?” at one point or another during their life. I know I have. I find tattoo’s to be super cool and celebrities glamorize them but would I really want to put a name, a symbol or a piece of art on my body permanently. Im not sure.

Don’t you wish there was a way for you to get a tattoo that lasted long but wasn’t permanent so you could see if you actually wanted a tattoo or not. Well now you can. You can actually get a fake tattoo that last between 8 and 18 days which gives you enough time to figure out if you want a permanent tattoo or not.

You can get long lasting fake tattoos at Inkbox tattoos look so real and last long because the ink they use to create their tattoos sink into the top layer of your skin aka the epidermis. Don’t you worry the ink contains organic ingredients and is totally safe to use. Let me know in the comments below if you guys have used Inkbox tattoos before or plan too.

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