Satchel Bag

Satchel Bag Some girls would call themselves a shoe girl, a bag girl, or a jewelry girl but for me there is not really a particular article of clothing or accessory I like more than others. Lately though I have been loving a particular kind of bag and that’s the satchel. What is a satchel bag you may be asking?

A satchel is a bag with a short handle and a long strap. You can carry a satchel bag in your hand, wear the long strap on one shoulder, or you can wear it across the body. It’s the most versatile bag out there and it is easy to carry when you are tired. I have a bag similar to the one above that is in the color orange and I love it so much.

Satchel bags remind me of a mans briefcase but just girlier because they usually have outside pockets, buckles, or they come in many colors besides black and brown. When I wear my orange satchel bag women on the street always stop me to say “that bag is so cute” or “Where did you get that bag?”. I’ve never had anyone comment on any other bag that I own (and I own a few cute bags).

Now I have a few satchel bags in my wardrobe so I guess you can call me a satchel bag girl. Do you like satchel bags? If not…What types of handbags do you like to wear?

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