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rms beauty productsIf your hippie like me and you love using natural products because you know they are better for our bodies and the environment you will love this natural makeup brand called RMS Beauty. RMS Beauty is named after its founder Rose Marie Swift who is a well known makeup artist that has been featured in every magazine you can imagine.

Rose decided to create this natural makeup brand after she got sick and learned that her blood contained large amounts of toxic levels of heavy metals. We all know that traditional makeup brands contain many toxic chemicals that contribute to our skin aging faster than it should.

I love the RMS Beauty “un cover-up” foundation that can also be used as a light concealer. I have this foundation in the shade 55 “warm golden tan” and it cost me $36. It comes in a small pot and just by smelling it you can tell it was made with natural ingredients, it almost has that clay smell.

RMS Beauty has amazing beauty, makeup and skincare products that are great quality and good for your skin so I suggest you try them out if you want to explore the world of natural beauty. The great thing is that their products are very affordable and similar pricing to traditional makeup and beauty brands you know already.

To discover more about RMS Beauty and their awesome natural beauty, makeup and skincare products visit their website . If any of you try out their products let me know what you think below in the comments. Happy Hippie-ing!

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