Prada Sunglasses

Prada SunglassesI’m usually not a Black Friday shopping kinda girl. It’s not my thing to go out and wrestle a hoard of people for a big screen tv or a lab top. I’m more of the type that would rather wait for Cyber Monday and shop peacefully online from my home in my pajamas. On Black Friday I happened to be in the Garden State Plaza in NJ (because I was being forced to be) and I found myself inside Macy’s. As you know there is always a Sunglass Hut section in Macy’s and I was looking around at all the sunglasses on sale.

You might not know this about me but I love sunglasses so much, I have so many pairs. I spotted a pair of Prada sunglasses that were only $79.99…which is crazy! The pair of Prada sunglasses above were originally $325 dollars and they were now $79.99, I couldn’t pass up a sale like that. I’m not a designer fanatic but I have always wanted a pair of designer sunglasses. I told the guy that worked there “Hurry up and ring me up before I change my mind!”

I’m so glad I made this purchase and it has taught me that its ok to treat yourself once in a blue moon. I think going forward I’m going to make sure I buy quality clothing and accessories. You waste money when you buy things that are cheap but fall apart very quickly. You keep having to replace things so frequently instead of buying quality and having things for years. Always buy quality, its worth it in the end. What do you think of my Prada sunglasses purchase? Was it worth it?

Also check out my Instagram picture below of me wearing my new Prada sunglasses.

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