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  • Daya By Zendaya

    Daya By Zendaya

    Another female celebrity has her own clothing line now. Zendaya Coleman a.k.a Zendaya, best known for her roles on Disney Channel shows like “Shake It Up” and “K.C Undercover” and her participation on…

  • Flawless Skin

    Flawless Skin

    Who wants great looking skin? (I expect you all to raise your hands high). I’ve always wondered why Asian women seem to have the most beautiful and flawless skin ever (most…

  • Backpack Fashion

    Backpack Fashion

    You don’t have to be a 13 year old in junior high or Dora the Explorer to wear a backpack these days. Backpack fashion is real and I am totally loving…

  • Prada sunglasses

    Prada Sunglasses

    I’m usually not a Black Friday shopping kinda girl. It’s not my thing to go out and wrestle a hoard of people for a big screen tv or a lab top. I’m…

  • How Much Water Should You Drink?

    How Much Water Should You Drink?

    How much water should you drink? This is a great question for those of you who are health conscience or just want to make sure your body is running at its full potential.…

  • Create Fake Freckles With Makeup

    Create Fake Freckles With Makeup

    I remember in elementary school there was a girl I was friends with that had cute little freckles but she couldn’t stand them because they made her stand out. Where ever…