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  • Minimize Large Pores Naturally With Cucumber Juice

    Minimize Large Pores Naturally With Cucumber Juice

    Large facial pores can be very annoying and cause any person to become self conscience about their skin. Even if you try to cover them with makeup your large pores still seem to show…

  • Ombre Lip Color

    Ombre Lip Color

    Whoever created the ombre phenomena was a genius. There’s ombre eyeshadow colors, lip colors, hair colors and even clothes. To create an ombre lip color you use two different lip colors. They…

  • Color Coordinate Your Closet

    Color Coordinate Your Closet

    As a girl you know your closet can get a little crazy and messy sometimes. You should see my closet when I’m trying to pick out an outfit for work, school…

  • Best Makeup Remover Wipes

    Best Makeup Remover Wipes

    The best way to make sure all of the makeup on your face is removed at the end of each day is to use makeup remover wipes. I cringe when I…