Overalls Fashion Trend

Overalls Fashion Trend The overalls fashion trend is back in style and I’m super excited about it! It’s true what they say…fashion trends always get recycled or come back in style at some point or another.

Overalls were worn by everyone in the 90’s (the best decade to grow up in ever!) Everyone who was born in the 21st century don’t fight me on this one because you guys grew up in the most depressing era ever!

I remember when I was 10 years old and all I would wear were my baggy light blue denim “farmer’s daughter” overalls. Why were the overalls baggy you ask?

My mom would always buy me over sized clothes she claimed it was so I could grow into them, but I really think it was to ward off pedophile (you know how crazy mothers can be).

As a kid I also had a few pairs of shorts and dress overalls…those were my favorite to wear with graphic t-shirts in the summer months.

Now that I’m all grown up I thought I would never be able to wear overalls again, but only see them when I watched a rerun of “That’s 70’s Show” (All the girls on the show had a least one pair).

I guess I was wrong…I’ve seen celebrities like Rihanna, Heidi Klum, Kylie Jenner and many others rocking the overalls fashion trend.

Sometimes I wonder if these celebrities have a personal shopper that watches the latest trends and when they see them, they go out and buy these trendy clothes for the celebrity so they can be photographed in them (I need someone like that in my life asap!)

Now that I can finally wear overalls without looking like a child or being ridiculed I’m going to go out and get me a few pairs. The only problem I know I’ll have will be trying to get the right size to fit my large chest…I certainly don’t have a chest of a 10 year old anymore.

I’ll be on the hunt for a cute pair of overalls that don’t suffocate me to death (yay -_-). If you are dying to try the overalls fashion trend you can buy them at my favorite store Forever 21.

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