OPI Hawaii Nail Polish Collection

OPI Nail PolishYou know I love telling you guys about sales I find because I want you to never spend full price on anything again, I sure don’t.

I like buying a great quality nail polish like OPI when I want to paint my nails a pretty color but I refuse to buy them for $9+ in the store or online. Why would you ever do that anyway when you can find OPI nail polishes cheaper in discount stores?

I was shopping around in Deals the other day and I saw that they had the OPI Hawaii Nail Polish Collection from the Spring/Summer season.

The nail polishes were only $5 which I could not pass up of course, that’s a $4 savings. I know some of you are saying “Oh, but that’s from the spring/summer collection and we’re in fall now”.

Who cares about what season we are in? You’re getting a big discount on these amazing colors that you can rock during the fall and winter.

Before you know it, it will be spring again and you’ll be glad you went out and bought them. The color I bought is called “Just lanai-ing Around” and it’s a pretty dark mauve/coral color (God only knows who the smartalic behind OPI nail polish names is).

They have other great colors you guys may love so go to your local Deals, Family Dollar, or Dollar Tree to see if they carry the line. Let me know what colors you get in the comments below!

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