Ombre Lip Color

ombre lip colorWhoever created the ombre phenomena was a genius. There’s ombre eyeshadow colors, lip colors, hair colors and even clothes. To create an ombre lip color you use two different lip colors. They can be a lip liner, lip gloss, or a lipstick as long as one lip color is darker than the other. You line your lips and fill in the four corners of your lips (about 1/4 of the way) with the darker lip color. Then you fill in the rest of your lips with the lighter lip color. You press your lips together over and over until both colors begin to blend creating a beautiful ombre effect. I created an ombre lip color above using two Wet N Wild lip pencils. They are called “Brandy wine” and “Berry Red”. See how to create an ombre lip color in my “Ombre Lip Tutorial”. Send me a picture of your beautiful ombre lip color on instagram by using the hashtag #iamrochellepena.

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