No Makeup Needed

No Makeup NeededSometimes when I don’t have on makeup I look a hot mess with all my shininess, small bumps, dark circles, and blotchiness but I love it because its me. I don’t always look a hot mess, it usually only happens when I’m eating bad for a long period of time. Eating bad for a week straight will do that to any girls skin.

I think because I’m a fashion and beauty blogger and beauty “guru” on YouTube (supposed “guru” which I’m really not) I’m expected to always have a full face of makeup on at all times and dress fabulously (which I don’t…ask my husband. He’s always trying to make me get rid of these Walmart sneakers I love that have a small hole in them). We’ll sorry people I’m not that kind of girl.

Ever since I’ve started my blog and YouTube channel I’ve been wearing less and less makeup in my real life. I think most beauty “gurus” have the same thing happen to them. We do so many makeup tutorials on camera that once it shuts off you just cant wait to grab a Bert’s Bees make up remover wipe, wipe away every bit of makeup.

My favorite thing to do is to throw on my husbands LA Lakers pajama pants along with one of his white t-shirts and just sit back, relax and maybe watch some inspirational videos on YouTube or a documentary (my husband hates when I wear his clothes because he always has to do laundry so often…hehe).

Some girls think they have to keep up a perfect image of themselves all the time but they don’t. Reminds of this woman who came onto the Oprah Winfrey show and said that she made sure that she had a full face of makeup on before her husband got up so he would never…I mean NEVER see her undone. Crazy woman…what kind of life is that! I mean if you can’t get comfortable with your own husband who can you get comfortable with?

I remember before I got married I promised myself I would not allow my future husband to see me not done up. You know how long that lasted after we were married? It took me less than two weeks to give up that fantasy. It was extremely difficult to always be on point…I would say even impossible! After awhile I knew it really didn’t matter if I looked busted or not. He loved me when I was plain disgusting Jane just the same (he…he I rhymed).

The point is you don’t have to look like a Barbie or like Elle Woods (I love her!) at all times no matter what Instagram folks say…life is not a filter. How about today you wipe away the foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, blush, and lipstick and show off the plain Jane you! If you want to see how I go from bare faced to foundation watch “My foundation Routine” on my YouTube channel.

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