Minimize Large Pores Naturally With Cucumber Juice

Minimize Large Pores Naturally With Cucumber JuiceLarge facial pores can be very annoying and cause any person to become self conscience about their skin. Even if you try to cover them with makeup your large pores still seem to show through. The great news is that you can minimize large pores naturally with cucumber juice.

How does cucumber juice minimize large pores? Cucumber juice is a natural astringent which means it naturally contracts body tissues (usually the skin). Cucumber juice will minimize large pores when used after a few days.

All you need to do is prepare the cucumber for juicing.

Step 1: Cut up a cucumber into small pieces.

Step 2: Add a 1/2 cup of water to a blender and throw in your cucumber pieces.

Step 3: Blend into a juice.

Step 4: Get a strainer and strain the cucumber juice from the fiber.

Step 5: Grab a small container and store your cucumber juice in the fridge.

Now you can apply cucumber juice to your problem areas.

Dip a cotton ball in your cucumber juice and tap the cotton ball on your problem areas. Overtime you will notice that your pores will be smaller. Your welcome!

If you’d like a visual example of how to prepare your cucumber juice check out my video here.

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