Look Fashionable On Rainy Days

Look Fashionable On Rainy DaysI’m not a fan of rainy days. I know we need the rain and blah blah, but I just feel depressed when it’s dreary outside, I’m getting soaked even with an umbrella, and I leave the house looking unfashionable; it’s a travesty!

Let’s be real, when you see on your phone that it’s going to be raining outside you don’t put on your best items because you’re scared they might be damaged in the rain. Old shoes from last year here I come!

Thank goodness it’s still possible to look fashionable on rainy days, stay dry and comfortable.

Protecting your feet is so important. Isn’t it annoying when you’re not wearing the proper shoes for the rain and you have to sit in your drenched shoes all day (it sucks). Wearing rain boots will keep your piggies dry and you can get a fashionable pair.

The most popular designer brand for rain boots is Hunter. If you live in a big city like I do, I’m sure you see people on the street wearing them. Hunter rain boots are well made but will cost you a pretty penny. They will run you at least $150 at their regular price.

Now you need an umbrella so you can stay dry. Instead of getting a cheap $10 umbrella that will likely break you can invest in a nice fashionable umbrella. I love the look of a Burberry umbrella, but that designer brand will run you about $225; ouch I know!

I would just stick with a simple Kate Spade or Tote umbrella instead.

You can also be fashionable with your phone. The new iphone 7 is totally waterproof so you can still text and talk on your phone in the rain (try not to drop it in a puddle, it’s waterproof not damage proof).

This was the best thing apple ever did. Try changing the song you’re listening too during a heavy downpour with a normal phone, it’s not going to happen.

What other ways can help you be fashionable on rainy days? Let me know in the comment section below.


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