Leggings Are Not Pants

Black Leggings Leggings are not pants girls! When leggings originally came onto the fashion scene they were always meant to be worn under a long top or a super short dress so it would cover your butt.

Nowadays leggings have a mind of their own and have become something more than a garment you wear underneath your clothing.

Leggings are now considered a type of pants. There are solid colored leggings, animal print leggings, leather leggings, and much more than you can think of. Leggings have definitely become a staple in every female’s closet.

The problem is that a lot of women and even men do not know how to wear leggings. The many times I have seen women wearing leggings as pants I could always see right through them or they were really worn out.

I could see the type of underwear they were wearing; the brand, the color, the shape, and even the design printed on the butt.  I don’t know about you but I don’t think I want the whole world to see my underwear; I might as well not wear anything from the waist down.

I find it funny that women who are out of shape wear leggings the most. They always seem to wear the sheerest pair of leggings they can find.

I hate walking behind them and seeing every nook and cranny of their fat while it’s in motion. I’m not the skinniest girl in the world but I know what looks right on me and what does not.

I guess leggings are the only thing they could actually fit into and that is why they have a hundred pairs in their closet.

Women who are smaller in size can usually pull off wearing leggings as pants but I still think it still leaves nothing to the imagination, and simply is not attractive.

Granted I think the leggings that are made from thicker material like faux leather or real letter can be pulled off as pants. Any pair of leggings that are made out of thinner material should stay beneath your clothing.

At forever 21 they tend to have those long satin shirts that are too short to be a dress but took long to be a normal shirt that you wear with jeans or a skirt.

I think that is the perfect top to pair with a thick pair of leggings in a natural color…not bright green or pink leggings please. I think that trend looks great on many girls of various sizes.

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