How To Get Motivated To Workout

How To Get Motivated To WorkoutYou want to work out, get healthy and lose weight, but you just can’t get motivated enough to put down the bag of chips and get your butt off the couch. That was totally me at one point too before I learned that I needed to help myself get motivated, the feeling wasn’t going to just drop from the heavens.

Here Are A few Ways On How To Get Motivated To Workout:

Look Up To Someone: Choose someone like a personal trainer or a fitness model that works out regularly and has a body that you admire and look up to them. Some fitness lovers I admire are Nikki Blackketter and Valeria Orsini. Find people you admire and follow them.

Watch Fitness Videos: Once you find a few people to follow, watch the fitness videos they post on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram all day every day. Watching videos will get you pumped to try out some of the workouts they do. Sometimes I just go to YouTube and search “Female Fitness Motivation” and tons of motivational fitness videos pop up. Watch away!

Get Activewear: Having cute activewear can get you motivated to workout because you look the part. Wearing the proper clothing can also help you feel more comfortable to workout at a gym filled with people. Who said the gym couldn’t double as a fashion show? A great place to get cute and affordable activewear is Burlington!

Screenshot Photos: When you see someone with an awesome body on Instagram, screenshot their photo! These photos will come in handy when you’re working out and you want to give up early. Pull out the photo of the person with that awesome body you want and remember that all this hard work will pay off. Keep going!

Be Consistent: Working out regularly will help you enjoy being active and you’ll see your body transforming little by little. Seeing that initial change in your body will help you stay motivated to continue to workout. No laziness here!

If any of these tips on how to get motivated to workout helped you please let me know! I would love to see body transformation photos too!

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