Get A Radiant Glow Year Round

Get A Radiant Glow Year Round Summer is half over but I’m sure you all are no where near ready to give up your radiant summer glow. I know exactly how you feel because I go through the same thing every year around the beginning of August. It’s the moment you realize that the season you have been waiting all year for is coming to an end :(. That means no more beaches, pools, or water parks for you!

Most of all I hate giving up my summer glow because when I have it, it makes me feel like I have the skin of a celebrity or someone who has loads of money. My friends have even told me that since I have a caramel skin tone I get a radiant glow when I get a tan…I get “Rihanna Skin”. I guess that’s a good thing because her skin is nearly flawless…so thanks peeps…(flipping hair emoji).

Unfortunately, when Summer is over and the weather gets colder I go back to my normal non-radiant and non-shimmering skin tone. If you’re anything like me you want to hold on to that radiant glow as long as possible…right? How can you and I get a radiant glow year round with out the summer sun?

Get A Radiant Glow Year Round Well I’m going to tell you how. You don’t have to be a celebrity or have loads of money to achieve that perfect sun kissed glow and you won’t have to apply a fake sun tan lotion either, you just need this one item. It’s a product that most people have never seen or heard about but you can buy it at any large beauty supply store or online…it’s the Palmer’s Body Gloss with subtle skin illuminators. I bet 75% of you have never heard of it before.

The gloss has subtle skin illuminators in it so when you apply it to your skin it gives you a beautiful glow and shimmer. Isn’t that cool? You can get celebrity glowing skin like Rihanna above for less than $8! If you cant get your hands on this product there are other ways you can get glow skin, check out how in this article at here.

If you’ve tried the Palmer’s Body Gloss with subtle skin illuminators before, let me know what you think of it in the comments below!

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