Easy Winged EyeLiner Tutorial

easy winged eyeliner tutorialWinged liner can be the hardest thing for a girl to master…aka this girl. When I first began to learn how to do a gel winged eyeliner look it was so hard. To get both eyes to match one another is like a secret art you learn at the top of some himalayan mountain.

But you know what they say…”practice makes perfect”..so thats what I did…practiced. I learned a way to get the perfect gel winged liner quick and easy.

The secret is starting with the hardest part first…the wing! I draw out the wing first by creating a triangle in the corner of my eye. Then I slowly line my top lash line and then connect the triangle with that line.

If you make any minor mistakes you can use a damp cotton swab to wipe them away. Then all you have to do it re-apply a little more gel liner and you are get to go!

A good way to make both of your eyes match is to do one eye first and then duplicate the same thing on the other eye by looking over at the  other and doing small slow strokes until your done.

To see these tips in action watch my “Easy Winged Eyeliner Tutorial” on my channel “ItsRoRosWorld”. I teach you how to get the perfect winged eyeliner in under 5 minutes. The video is geared towards beginners but anyone can enjoy it.

What are some of your tips and tricks to a perfect winged eyeliner?

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