Denim Dress Trend

Denim Dress TrendThe denim dress trend is making its comeback for the fall and winter seasons. Usually I am not a trend watcher but I love this trend because I’m already a huge lover of jeans and wearing denim head to toe makes me super happy.

It seems to me that medium wash denim dresses are more popular than any other wash of denim because you see them more in stores and online.

Lighter wash denim is usually associated with spring and summer and dark wash isn’t that popular because it tends to turn your hands blue because of the dye in the material.

Denim dresses are great for winter because they actually keep you warm and if you throw on a pair of thick stockings you can be even more comfortable. I would spice up a denim dress with a pair of funky colored or pattern stockings.

I like to google celebrities wearing a certain trend to see what styles they chose the most. Many celebrities like Kylie Jenner to Jessica Alba have been photographed in their long, short, tight, loose denim dresses.

Sometimes I like to use celebrity outfit pictures as inspiration for my own outfits. I find cheaper alternatives to their looks in stores I shop at like Forever 21, H&M, and more.

Most celebrities leave the house looking amazing so they never disappoint me in the fashion department. Denim dresses also take me back to my younger preteen days when denim overalls, denim dresses, and denim jackets were the majority of my wardrobe.

I would mix and match them with different tops and shoes. The denim dress trend is the 90’s trying to creep its way back, but I am not trying to stop it!

That was the era I grew up in and the era of fashion I love the most. I recently bought a medium length loose denim dress from Forever 21 that I adore and that was affordable for the average working girl.

If you want to see the denim dress I bought check out my Forever 21 fall haul video on my YouTube channel. Do you own a denim dress? Where did you purchase your denim dress from? Tell me below in the comment section.

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