Daya By Zendaya

Daya By ZendayaAnother female celebrity has her own clothing line now. Zendaya Coleman a.k.a Zendaya, best known for her roles on Disney Channel shows like “Shake It Up” and “K.C Undercover” and her participation on the popular show “Dancing With The Stars” has her own clothing line.

Zendaya’s recently launched clothing line is called Daya By Zendaya. I love the name because it’s simple, but it stays true to her identity. Everything in her line reminds me of things she has worn or would wear in real life.Daya By Zendaya I thought Daya By Zendaya would be another celebrity clothing line that wouldn’t be wearable for everyday and be too expensive for the average fan and female to buy. Boy was I wrong!

As I scrolled through her site I realized that most of the clothing was very wearable and totally affordable. The average teenager could afford a piece or two with the money they get from their parents for allowance or for a day of shopping at the mall.

There is something in her line for every sort of girl out there. There is something for girly girls, the average girl and tomboys. Above are a few of my favorite pieces from the line that I definitely would buy myself and wear.

There’s also cute shoes, boots and heels in the line as well that I love for everyday wear that I would recommend to any girl. Check out her line when you can because I think it is totally worth it.

Finally a celebrity clothing line that is truly for the average girl!

Her clothing line is available online on and other shops like Macy’s, Khol’s and Nordstrom Rack to name a few.

Do you like Zendaya’s clothing line? Would you wear it?

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