Create Fake Freckles With Makeup

Create Fake Freckles With MakeupI remember in elementary school there was a girl I was friends with that had cute little freckles but she couldn’t stand them because they made her stand out. Where ever she is now I wonder how she feels about her freckles now.

Freckles are totally a makeup trend now and girls have started to create fake freckles with makeup. Some create the normal brown and black freckles and some even go crazy with rainbow, galactic, and golden freckles; the possibilities are endless.

How do you create fake freckles with makeup? It is totally easy to do; you just need a few items to create them. All you need is a q-tip and some brown or black jell eyeliner.

All you do is dip your q-tip into the black or brown jell liner and create light dots and darker dot all over the top part of your cheeks and nose. You want to make your freckles look as natural as possible so people can’t tell if their real or fake.

Once you create the freckles and your happy with how they look you should apply a thin layer of powder foundation for more of a real look.

Now you’re done! You can wear your freckles whenever you want and it will look awesome! We can all pretend that we are red heads or mixed girls for a day.

Let me know in the comments below if you guys have ever created fake freckles with makeup and worn them out.

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