Coconut Oil Clears Acne

Coconut Oil Clears Acne I think I’ve finally made the connection between coconut oil, my skin, and acne. I know you’re like “What are you talking about Rochelle!?” As you may know I’ve been using coconut oil on my skin now for years because of its wonderful benefits. I realized the other day that coconut oil clears acne, literally overnight! The first time I smeared tons of coconut oil on my face one night after having a small breakout I noticed the next morning that my acne basically vanished!

I thought it was just a coincidence because I did try to cleanse my face by drinking a lot of water that day so I thought that maybe that was the true reason my skin had cleared. Since then I repeated the same “smearing coconut oil on my face” when I’ve gotten breakouts and I get the same result, clear skin in the morning. I wanted to be absolutely sure it was the coconut oil’s doing before I shared it with the world; I don’t want girls coming to me saying “you liar! I thought I would have flawless skin overnight.” …Lol.

Coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties so when you put it on your pimples and bumps it kills off the bad bacteria and as a result your skin begins to heal. But just a little disclaimer for all you girls and guys…for the most part I stay away from dairy products and meats like chicken, beef, and pork so when I have break outs I usually get the small rash like bumps. If you tend to get those huge puss filled pimples they will most likely not disappear overnight but they might be less red in the morning or even smaller in size if you’re fortunate.

Just remember that the best way to help get rid of your acne or just reduce it is to eat right and drink tons of water. If you are looking for a challenge try cutting out dairy products out of your diet for a few months and you will be amazed how clear your skin becomes! Want to buy the coconut oil I use? Click here to check out the coconut oil I buy all the time. Let me know in the comments below if coconut oil cleared your acne.

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