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Cheap Toms I like Toms because they’re comfortable and easy to pair with any outfit. They have a pair in almost every color and fabric you can think of, which is great for you fashionistas out there.

The only thing about Toms that suck is their price. I refuse to buy them at their retail price. The average Toms shoe is $45 to $60 which I think is outrageous for the style of the shoes and the material they are  made out of.

I find it very hard to pay that much for canvas sneakers that I will probably destroy within weeks (I like to wear things I like almost everyday…shoot me).

I do have a pair of silver Toms that I got on sale for $35. I wear them once in awhile so I can preserve them as long as possible because I actually really like them. If $35 is still too pricy for you then I think I can help.

I found cheap Toms lookalikes at Walmart for under $15.

They are definitely cheap toms lookalikes just without the signature “Toms” white and baby blue label in the back.

When I spotted them I said to myself “I gotta have you in my closet”. On they have them in many colors and patterns so you can fit the pair that match your personal style.

There is always a diamond in the rough in every discount store and Walmart is no different. Also if you do get a bit more cash Walmart does sell some styles of Toms on sale on their online site.

You can also get Toms on sale on the 6pm app or This site is very competitive and you have to buy things as soon as you see them or they will be sold out! It’s like Marshalls on steroids.

The point is if you’re cheap like me…or well, I should say “thrifty”…go to and get you a pair of cheap Toms and yes they do last a long time if you take care of them.

Do you hate paying so much for Toms? Tell me in the comment section below.

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