Cara Delevingne’s Jackets Are So Cool

Cara Delevingne's Jackets Are So CoolCara Delevingne is a top fashion model from the United Kingdom and an international movie star that is known for her silliness and her super edgy style.

I always search her latest outfits on google images for inspiration for future outfits and clothing items I want to buy.

I love her style because it’s so different from other young celebrities her age, its unpredictable and I love that! She is no Kylie Jenner (I almost can guess what Kylie will wear next…boo).

I don’t know what it is, UK girls always seem to have such a great sense of style. Do they have fashion class in High School or something?

I can imagine all the style tips and tricks she must know an learn being a super model and being surrounded by fashion icons. If I had access to all those fashion minds, I would “slay” all the time!

I was scrolling through a bunch of her outfits that could possible be worn in the colder months to get some winter outfit ideas and I noticed that Cara Delevingne’s jackets are so cool!

I’m not a jacket person but she makes me want to become one because she styles them so well.

Cara loves to wear statement jackets all the time that have beading, fur, velvet or are made from leather. Her outfits give me great ideas of how to wear statement jackets that jazz up and complete any boring or average outfit.

I think the next time I go shopping I’ll buy myself a bunch of cute jackets that I can wear over simple outfits. The great thing is that I can continue wearing them into the warmer months as well, it does get a bit chilly at night.

I shared with you one of my celebrity inspirations, who’s style inspires you?

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