Camouflage Print

Camouflage Print Camouflage print or camo print as I like to refer to it seems to be a big trend this Fall. On my commute to work today I saw a hand full of girls wearing it in just one train car. That must have been a rare sighting.

For those of you who have never worn camo print before I ask you, “what are you waiting for?” I mean seriously, who doesn’t like camo?” I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say out loud, “I hate camouflage print!”

In the fashion world camo print comes in an array of colors like green, beige, pink, orange and blue but the most popular color is green. When I was a kid I used to love wearing camo because of the Spice Girls (random right?).

Camouflage Print

Scary Spice was my favorite Spice Girl because she was the coolest (in my opinion) and she wore camo all the time. Naturally because I wanted to be her I would try to copy her style.

Also, remember in the movie Spice World all 5 girls dressed in camo print when they were forced to go to concert preparedness boot camp. After seeing that scene as a kid I would beg my parents to buy me camo print clothes whenever I saw them in the store (don’t judge me, that phase lasted about a month lol).

In the 90’s everyone wore camo and it wasn’t hard to come by like today. You probably could find it at your local Old Navy, Gap, or Aeropostale. I remember my mom hating camo print because she said it made me look like I was about to be shipped off to war…lol…mothers are so crazy.

You all should be taking advantage of camo print being around in abundance and try to buy as many camo print items as possible because you know how it is, it might be here today but gone tomorrow.

How would you wear it? I’ll give you a few ideas. You can style a camo crop top with a matching skirt, wear camo jeans with a white t-shirt, or throw on a camo jacket or coat over a casual or dressy outfit if it gets cold where you live.

Now excuse me while I browse the web for camo print. Oh yeah, Forever 21 has a ton of camo print tops, skirts, jeans, sweat pants, jumpers, shorts, jackets and coats. So, happy shopping! Let me know in the comments below if you are a Spice Girls lover and camouflage print lover?

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