Boho Chic

Boho ChicWho doesn’t love the boho chic style! I can’t wait until spring comes along in a few weeks (minus the allergies from the trees, grass, and flowers). I feel like the winter season has been so long for no reason and I’m super sick and tired of my super dry skin that this cold air gives me. The only upside of the sucky weather is that i don’t have to shave my legs (yes!).

Even though it’s in the middle of the winter I wanted to do this boho chic hairstyle…I mean just because it’s winter doesn’t mean I have to wear black and brown everyday. I need a little color in my life so I pulled out the most colorful dress I could find in my closet, found a cute floral headband that I bought online and paired it all with a pair of silver leaf earrings.

To make the hairstyle pop a little I added colored thread by braiding it into my hair. For an even cuter look you can add some thin pieces of color silk ribbon. All I know is that I can’t wait to rock this hairdo even more when the weather gets nicer. I also can’t wait for the thin and cheap clothing…these winter prices are killing me!

So tell me…are you ready for spring to come already? Or are you liking the winter weather?

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