Backpack Fashion

Backpack FashionYou don’t have to be a 13 year old in junior high or Dora the Explorer to wear a backpack these days. Backpack fashion is real and I am totally loving it.

I mean lets be real as girls we pack our whole life in our purses and they can get kind of heavy for the shoulder that we wear them on all the time.

Wearing a backpack is the best way to spear your shoulders the pain, still look super cute and have your hands free so you can like peoples photos on Instagram. So, thank god someone decided to make backpacks for adults, why should teens and kids have all the fun.

You have so many types of backpacks that you can wear like the cool backpacks that are shaped like cartoon characters; girlie backpacks with sequins, glitter or bows, and the sophisticated backpacks that are for more “serious” people.

One of my female co-workers recently got a designer backpack (a “serious” one) and she’s obsessed with it and wears it almost everyday. She’s 5’3″, Hispanic and Italian, and has dark hair so I always sing “back pack, back pack” from Dora the Explorer when I see her wearing it lol!

Backpacks are just awesome and I got a new one this Black Friday that is iridescent, so it kinda looks either blue or purple depending on how light hits it. It was originally $64 and I paid only $28 for it from Accessorize, steal or what?

Do you like wearing Backpacks? If so, what type of backpacks do you like to wear? Character, girly or serious?

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