Are New Mascara’s Worth The Money?

Are New Mascara's Worth The Money?The marketing team at drug store makeup brands like NYX, L’Oréal, Maybelline and Rimmel London are some super creative people. They launch a “new” mascara almost as often as I change my under wear, and that’s a lot. How do they come up with so many ideas?…they’re good!

The question is are all these “new” mascara’s just the exact same product just being thrown into new packaging? Are new mascara’s worth the money?

As a person that used to binge buy drug store makeup as a teen I can tell you that not all mascara’s at your local drug store are made equally.

I’ve bought some mascara’s that were cheaply made, too runny, not runny enough, way too clumpy, not clumpy enough and ones that even burned if they accidentally got into my eyes (don’t watch the notebook with mascara on).

I really do believe that when these drug store makeup companies launch a new mascara it’s usually an improvement on the previous mascara product. Sometimes it’s not an improvement on the previous product but it has a different function.

The new mascara might separate your lashes more, make them look 2x bigger, or make them look darker in appearance.

So, I think new mascara’s are worth the money if they have different functions but don’t go crazy and buy to many!

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