7 Winter Wardrobe Must Haves

7 Winter Wardrobe Must Haves In New York City we get brutal winters that reach well into the negatives so we definitely have to prepare for the season before hand. Winter is my least favorite season because I loathe being cold and having to be bundled up from head to toe…for god sake I’m a Jamaican born in the June!

Winter is fast approaching so I’m sure you want to know what the 7 winter wardrobe must haves for the cold weather are so you can go out and get them.

7 Winter Wardrobe Must Haves

Over The Knee Boots

Who doesn’t like an over the knee boot for the winter weather; they are cute, comfortable, and will keep your legs warm when the wind chill picks up. It doesn’t matter what material they are but leather is ideal just in case it starts to snow your boots won’t get damaged.

Cross Body Bag or Back Pack

It sucks when you have to carry a purse over one arm when it’s extremely cold outside. With a cross body bag or backpack you can keep your hands in your pockets and avoid cold air from going up the sleeves of your jacket.

Pom Pom Hat 

You don’t necessarily need a pom pom hat in your wardrobe, but why not right? They are super cute and makes any winter outfit super cute and girly. Other styles I like are the two pom pom hats and the cat ear hats.

Chunky Scarf

Who doesn’t need a super warm and chunky scarf to keep their neck warm. I love large chunky scarves because you can wrap them around your neck multiple times and you can also pull them up to cover your mouth when it gets super cold.

Moccasins With Fur 

When you want to wear short flats in the winter time its best to go with some cute moccasins with fur. My favorite brand are Uggs because they are cute, they have sheep’s wool (which doesn’t hurt them when their wool is removed), and they are comfortable.

Chunky Knit Socks 

Chunky knit socks keep your feet warm through any weather and they can also be very cute when you let them stick out of your winter boots a little. You can get funky socks with characters or socks with a simple design. I’d go for funky Betsy Johnson knit socks.

Touch Tech Gloves

I don’t care how cold it is I still need to use my cell phone to scroll through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I’m sure you do too, so you can stay warm and scroll through your phone by wearing touch tech gloves. They will keep you warm and give you the ability to scroll through your touch screen phone.

Hope this helped you to get a little prepared for the winter season. What are your winter wardrobe must haves? Tell me in the comments below.

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