6 Nail Art Design Ideas For Spring

Blooming flowers and budding trees might be a few months away but that doesn’t mean you can’t check out these 6 nail art design ideas for Spring. Heck, you should even try them out a little earlier to test them out. And if you do your own nails at home you will definitely need time to practice so you can get them perfect for Spring.6 Nail Art Design Ideas For SpringAlternating Colors: If you take two different nail polish colors and alternate which color is at the tip and which color is at the base.

Diagonal Tips: Instead of the topical french tip nail that has the nail color straight across, do it on an angle. It looks so cute and it would look great when you color block.

Metallic Ombre: I love a classic matte ombre nail design. You can give it a little twist by using metallic nail polish and colors that contrast.

6 Nail Art Design Ideas For Spring Pastel Colors: Spring brings out all the beautiful colors of nature, so why don’t you put those pretty pastel colors us girls love to wear on each one of your nails. Simple and easy.

Futuristic: Had to throw in a design that was on the more edgy side because I know not all girls like bright colors even in the spring. Black polish and any sort of jewel will keep you looking like a rock star.

Simple Metallic: This is a simple one. All you need is a few coats of a metallic nail polish in any color and your totally done.

When spring comes you’ll be ready to rock some cute nail designs. What’s your favorite nail design’s out of these 6? Do you have your own favorite nail designs for spring? Let me know in the comments below.

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